SEO Checklists

Website Navigation

  • Make sure there are absolutely no duplicate pages on your website.
  • Make sure every webpage title is unique across your website.
  • Crosslink every webpage to at least one other webpage in your website.
  • Check that URLs are human-readable and hyphens are used between every word.
  • Add meta descriptions to key pages.
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Visual Content

  • Compress every image file size as much as possible without jeopardizing quality.
  • Name every image with a human-readable file name that is five words or less separated by hyphens (-). Place primary key words at the beginning.
  • Make sure every image has a short, keyword-rich description in its Alt Text field.
  • Check that every image is placed near relevant textual content and that the same keywords used in the image’s alt text are sprinkled within and around neighboring paragraphs.
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Text Content

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Website Back End

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